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Finding the right eyebrow microblading artist for you can be a daunting task. There are so many options available to you, but who is the right one??? Here is a list of the top 11 things you should consider when selecting your eyebrow tattoo and microblading artist.

1) Do they have a website?

This seems like a no-brainer. A website can tell you a lot about your artist. What there background is, what services they provide, price list, FAQ’s, photo gallery, contact info, etc. A website is like a quick resume that you can review before selecting if the individual is right for you.

Be weary of websites that have very little information on them. This is a clear sign that your artist does not feel it is important to provide the public with adequate information about them and their services. If they don’t invest time on their website, how much time will they invest on you?!

2) Do they have an FAQ Section?

Since no one likes to read or talk on the phone anymore, an FAQ section on a website can answer a lot of your questions, before you decide to schedule your appointment. FAQ’s can help answer more

thank 60% of your questions.

3) Do they answer your questions or return your calls?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear about businesses not returning people’s calls or emails. I strongly believe in providing the best customer service and that begins with responsiveness. I am never too busy to answer any of your inquiries. No question is ever stupid or too much. If a business feels it is unimportant to spend time communicating with you, imagine what will happen after your procedure? You should always expect to receive a response within 24 hrs.

4) Do they have Before and Afters photos?

Before and After photos are a great way to see how skilled your micrblading artist is. Does their technique and style suit your needs? Make sure that the photos are of their “actual” work and not taken off of the internet. A good indicator of authentic photos is a marking of the company logo or branding on the photograph. People who do not post their actual work either have something to hide or do not have any experience.

Videos are also great! Check to see if they have a YouTube Channel. Check ours out at

5) Do they have any artistic ability or skill?

This may not be top of your mind, but this is a very important point. Eyebrow microblading is truly an art and science! And like all art and sciences, there are many individuals who are licensed and trained but very few who are actually highly skilled. Therefore, when choosing your microblading artist, you want to know if they have any artistic ability. Microblading requires precision and dexterity and someone who is talented in the arts is super helpful in ensuring you get beautiful results.

Check out one of our paintings, done by yours truly!

6) Do they have any customer or client reviews?

This is really important. Positive client/customer reviews says a lot about your microblading artist. Check our their facebook page, instagram account and google to see if they have any client reviews.

7) Do they invest in proper tools and products?

This may not even cross your mind, but for me this is the most important factor! As a licensed health professional, I need to tell you, that for me, the health and safety of my client and myself is of top priority. Microblading in the beauty industry is not regulated, therefore there are no real guidelines or requirements on safe practice. And even worse, most schools, do not spend any time training on this!

If I wasn’t a licensed health professional, I would have no clue about how to prevent the spread of infectious blood-born diseases from one person to the next. The possibility of that wouldn’t even cross my mind.

Microblading is actually cutting into the skin and implanting pigment into those cuts. Therefore, is it of strict importance that whoever your artist is, they take proper measures in disinfecting, sterilizing, infection prevention and avoiding any cross-contamination.We only use sterile blades, medical grade disinfectants, medical grade anesthetic and disposable products to avoid any chance to cross-contamination. All blades and tools are disposed of immediately following the procedure into a sharps container. Not everyone practices these protocols.Some places offer cheap, cheap prices in microblading, but ask yourself: is their work quality and more importantly are they using high quality and sterile products? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!

8) Do they provide you with post-care or aftercare instructions and kit?

At the end of every appointment, whether it’s for eyelashes or eyebrows, we go over detailed aftercare instructions with every client to ensure long-lasting results. It is very important to follow these instructions for the recommended time period if you want the best results. We also provide each of our clients with aftercare product to take home to ensure you are using the right products on your eyebrows. Just a nice little added touch!

9) Do they follow up with you after your procedure?

Following up with each client shows that your microblading artist cares about you! It shows that they care if you are satisfied with the job and how you are doing. After every appointment, I follow up with each client the next day to see how they like their eyebrows and to see how they are healing and feeling and to answer any new questions. Also, it helps to ease each client on what to expect during the healing period. You want an artist who cares enough to follow up with you. Not someone who just takes your money and forgets about you after.

10) Price $$$

Notice how I put price at the dead end? It’s because when it comes to your eyebrows and health, price should not be top of mind! Be weary of those who market prices that are lower than industry standard. Often, these people have not been properly trained, they are not certified in microblading, they use cheap quality products, they reuse and do not sterilize their tools or have zero experience working on people.

If you wouldn’t go the cheap route when it came down to your health, why would you with your face? Your eyebrows are the most important feature on your face and making the wrong choice can cause you years or a lifetime of anguish!

11) Do they have a cute mascot?

Do they have a cute mascot like our Price H.R.H Baci?

Every beauty bar should have a lovable mascot as adorable as our Baci! He sometimes comes along for our appointments and everyone falls in love with him! <3

For anyone in the Toronto or surrounding GTA area, contact us and visit our website at if you are looking for a top-notch microblading artist. Hope this post has helped you with your decision-making.

Hope you enjoyed this post our royal beauties!

xoxo, HRH Beauty

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