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Healthy Beauty - Eyebrow Microblading & Doing Your Research

Let's face it, there are so many new tips, tricks, beauty products, techniques and methods out there for beautifying in a happy, healthy way. We want to look good, feel amazing, and take as little time as possible to do this! What you DON'T want, is to go to someone who is offering a deal, but not skilled enough in the right ways, that can lead to potentially harming you and your health.

For microblading, or semi-permanent or permanent tattoos, whether it be for eyebrows, eyeliner or lipliner, or any other beauty treatment for that matter, it's important to know the right information before deciding to go for the more "affordable" is almost always, not the best option!

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should do your research when it comes to these techniques!

1. Credibility and Training - Those who offer rock bottom pricing usually have not obtained any credible training from an accredited training institute which is VERY important! Furthermore, they often are less experienced and have little to no experience working on live people with sharp instruments and more than likely, do not understand how to manage and take the proper precautions when dealing with blood. Be sure to ask your beauty professionals where they have been trained and certified.

2. Quality - this includes: quality of products, quality of instruments/tools, quality of work and quality customer service. You cannot put a price on a business who takes the effort to invest in quality products and instruments that will provide you with the most comfort during the procedure, optimal healing and overall best aesthetic results. Fine, so you may find someone who has gone to an accredited school for training, but have they gone the extra mile to get certified and trained on blood-born pathogens and infection prevention? Businesses who take these precautions and follow proper infection prevention procedures as per the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), invest heavily in using the right types of equipment, tools and products to ensure they are following the highest standard in disease control and prevention.

3. Your Health and Happiness - At the end of the day, this is what it all boils down to. Being happy with your results and being healthy! You can't be happy without being healthy and you can't be healthy without being happy. Don't risk contracting some type of infectious disease by chincing out, because I can guarantee, this will not make you happy...even if you like your new look. It is possible to get it all: beautiful results and a healthy outcome. Just do your research and make sure you vote with your dollars - even if it sometimes means spending a few MORE of those dollars for the right work.

In case you're's an example of where things go wrong:

Below are some examples things done right. These images are the work of HRH Beauty in Toronto. (all shots are of eyebrow microblading semi-permanent 3D tattoo)

Microblading Toronto

Best Eyebrow Tattoo Toronto

For anyone in the Toronto or surrounding GTA area who is looking for the best 3D eyebrow tattoo in Toronto, we would be happy to help. Contact us and visit our website at

HRH Beauty, xo


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