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Eyebrow Microblading FAQ

What is it? 

3D semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos are created with a new method called microblading, or otherwise known as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, 3D hairstrokes and more. It is a technique that is done by a skilled technician and artist that provides you with the most realistic and natural look of actual hair follicles.

Is it painful?

Microblading is the gentlest method you will find for creating eyebrow tattoos. If you feel anything at all, the sensation is said to be similar to scratching of the skin. We only use the highest quality in anesthetics to ensure optimal comfort for our clients.

How will I look?

With the Microblading method, you can have natural looking makeup all day, everyday. Because this is a manual process is done by hand, it is easy to avoid harsh, dark, and unnatural looks that may be caused by permanent makeup machines. It will not even look like you are even wearing a tattoo!

Can I select my desired shape and colour?

Absolutely! We at HRH Beauty will include you in 100% of the process. We want to ensure you walk away with that desired look you have always wanted! 

How long does it last?

This is dependent on environemental factors and the colour / style you have chosen. Lighter shades and application will fade quicker than darker shades with heavier application. It is important to understand that while very dark colours and heavy applications require little or no touch ups, they do not look as natural and therefore are not recommended. Exposure to the sun, food, facial products, etc can affect how quickly your colour/eyebrow tattoo fades, therefore regular touch-ups are recommended.

Are touch-ups required?

Most likely. A touch-up is recommened one month after the first application. Please keep in mind that the shade will fade from the day of your first application to your one-month touch-up appointment. The shade can fade up to 2 shades lighter or more. At the touch-up appointment any adjustments to shape and colour can be made. You will notice that the shade is significantly darker at your initial appointment. 

How often are touch-ups necessary?

In order to keep your Microblading results and eyebrows looking fresh, annual touch-ups are recommended to refresh the colour.

How do I prolong the life of the procedure?

Use gentle cleansers, apply sunblock daily or avoid the sun completely to keep your beautiful eyebrows lasting longer.


How long is the procedure?

Approximately 1-2 hours. More complex cases may take longer.


Who is not a good candidate for this procedure?

This procedure is ideal for all all ages groups, ethnicities and skin tones. However, if you have any warts, pimples or any other growths in the eyebrow area, please wait for them to be removed, heal or disappear before scheduling your appointment. Also, those individuals with very thin sagging skin around the eyebrow and eye area, may not be good candidates. Some individuals may require medical consultation prior due to any medical conditions. Speak to HRH Beauty's eyebrow artist for any inquiries.

How soon can I go back to work/my daily routine?

Immediately. With microblading you will achieve such a natural look that most people will not even notice that you just had a procedure done. You can resume all your normal activities however, heavy exercise should be avoided for at least a week for best results—any sweat formed on your brows can fade your healing color. Swimming should be avoided for at least a week, pool chemicals would erode your healing color as well. Outdoors activities can be resumed as long as your treatment area remains clean, dry, and out of the sun. 

If I have an existing permanent tattoo, can I have this procedure done?

Absolutely! We know how frustrating it can be to be walking around with old solid-lined discoloured old eyebrow tattoos. We can camouflage your old existing tattoo and provide you with a more natural look and shade.  You will walk away feeling beautiful and confident!

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