Next to your eyebrows, your lips are the next most important feature on your face. After all, studies show that an individual with a beautiful smile is most likely to be taken more seriously, be more successful and are considered more attractive. The lips are the window frames to your teeth. Thus, sumptuous lips are uber delightful!


Semi-permanent lips can range anywhere from a lipliner to full lip colour. We can customize and the exact shade that is right for you! You can decide to go as soft, subtle and natural as you like in colour or as dramatic and bold as you like! Your wish is our command!


Having a semi-permanent lip tattoo doesn't mean you can't wear lipstick again! In fact, your lipstick will hold up better on top of your lip tattoo. The colour will look brighter and it will also last longer. If you're not into lipstick, then forget the lip colour and just apply a stunning lip gloss to amp up the plumpness. 


There are multiple benefits to having a semi-permanent lip tattoo. Give us a call to book your consultation or appointment for more information! :)


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