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Please see below our new COVID-19 protocols required in order to operate our business moving forward. These are requirements as per the Ministry and Public Health and are non-negotiable. Whether you agree or disagree with any of our protocols below, please note, that these are Ministry requirements that must be adhered to in order for us to continue operating our business.

Our community's health and safety have always been our first priority and will continue to be so moving forward. 

New Protocols for COVID-19

  1. Screening Form & Consent Form - must be completed on the day of your appointment

  2. Vaccination - you must wait a minimum of 28 days between your vaccine shot and any services. 

  3. No recent travel outside of Ontario is permitted within 30 days of your appointment. 

  4. Wait in your car - to ensure there is no cross-over of individuals, please wait in your car and text us when you have arrived. We will let you know when we are ready for you via text once the entire area has been disinfected,

  5. Temperature taking - all clients will have their temperatures checked prior to starting your appointment. If you present with a temperature, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and charged a short-notice cancellation fee. 

  6. Mask wearing - All clients must come prepared with and wear a surgical mask at all times. Cloth masks or any other variations are not permitted. If you do not have a surgical mask, you can purchase one onsite for $5 each. Please keep talking to a minimum and try and communicate all your desires and treatment outcomes prior to your appointment either via phone or email. 

  7. Remove foot wear - please remove foot wear and put on a pair of our disposable foot coverings to ensure we keep our environment and furniture clean. 

  8. Handwash and / or sanitizing - all clients must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer that will be provided upon entering and leaving the studio. 

  9. Personal Belongings - As purses, bags and electronics harbour a lot of microbes, please keep all personal belongings at home or in car with the exception of your keys and cell phone and keep them with you at all times. 

  10. Come Alone - Only 2 people are allowed in the studio at any given time. No guests or companions are permitted in the studio during any of our services. Please plan for childcare and rest assured, we will provide you with as much motivational support and encouragement as possible. 

  11. Washroom - please try and use the washroom at home before your appointment to avoid any cross-contamination.

  12. Beverages no longer provided - for everyone’s health and safety, we will no longer be providing any beverages or specialty teas to prevent any instances of cross-contamination or direct contact with droplets/saliva. Please do not bring any beverages with you to your appointment. 

Our responsibility to you!

  1. Only one client will be allowed in the studio at any given time per treatment provider.

  2. Disinfection - The entire studio will be disinfected between all clients

  3. Sterility- All clients will be provided with 100% sterile and disposable instruments as per usual. 

  4. Personal Protective Equipment - we will be fully dressed with PPE at all times. PPE will be changed between each and every client as per usual. 

  5. Hand hygiene - Effective and frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer will be practiced at all times

  6. Cleanliness - All decorative items that can harbour microbes such as pillows and blankets, etc have been removed from the studio. Therefore, if you get cold and require any coverings, please come prepared with a sweater or cardigan. 

  7. Disposable treatment bed and head coverings will be changed between each and every client. 

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