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Breast Cancer Survivor Areola Restoration and Reconstruction Tattoo Toronto

Areola Restoration is a life-changing paramedical service for those brave & courageous women who have battled breast cancer and suffer from the scars it has left behind. 

Areola Restoration is an amazing alternative to invasive surgery for these breast cancer survivors where we can build an entire areola, including nipple, by way of this advanced 3D tattoo. 

Areola Reconstruction is another life-changing service for any woman who has undergone any type of breast surgery or accident that has caused their areola to lose symmetry, become malformed or mis-shaped or discoloured. 

Using the same technique as the Areola Restoration, with Areola Reconstruction, we can improve the symmetry, colour, and/or shape of the areola.

Areola Restoration / Areola Reconstruction

The process

A consultation is necessary for this procedure. We are currently taking appointments for consultation by email or phone or you can book online

We will work on creating symmetry but pre-drawing your new areola, and then will begin the 3D tattoo process. Most clients experience ZERO pain and all gratitude and tears of joy once the procedure is complete!

The end result is, you are left with a completely 3D areola tattoo where no one will be able to tell it is not real!

Often one treatment is enough. Depending on the quality of the client's skin, a touch up may be needed. 

Areola Restoration and Reconstruction post Breast Cancer Mastectomy Surgery
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